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Welcome - I'm Eric Ahmad and I help business owners just like you who
are transitioning out of their careers start and grow a profitable business in 3 steps 
Are you someone who is about to transition out of a job but struggling to start and grow a profitable business?  

I help people get high-value clients using my predictable client's system leveraging nothing but their experience.  
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How to start your business and grow online with 3 powerful steps. 
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If you can see the gold, you can hold it. 
There is a mathematical formula that my students and I call the Quad_p Technique which is: A Person with a Passion, driven by Purpose finds Paradise. When you learn to use this formula in your business it is proven to produce = Profit. If you decide to come with me on this journey I will happily share the "4 Pillars" that make the Quad_p technique work. No, this not a sales course, a lecture, or a done-for-business. Each step you take your life becomes a profitable business.

Who is Eric Ahmad?
  • Business Trainer: I've trained dozes of professionals in over 9 different countries and that number is climbing by the week.
  • 10+ Years of Experience: I have over 10+ total years of business experience as entrepreneur. I've seen a lot and taught a lot
  • 230+ satisfied Clients: I have raving fans with testimonies. Take me up on my offer and within 2 weeks you will have raving fans too!
Aloha, my name is Eric Ahmad and over the last 10 years, I've personally helped agencies make over 5.7 million dollars in sales online. That's over 500k per year. That's above-average...however, out of those 10 years, over half were failures. I help my clients get zero sales. This proves that when I failed to follow the road of success...I helped no one.

What I've proven over and over in my own business is that the easiest and most reliable way to build a business that converts online is by adding the "You" element to your offer.

To put that into perspective you can potentially double your profits and income, for less than 20 minutes of your time per day. Can you do that on your job? Make the smart choice, grab a risk-free consultation with me, and let's start building today!
My journey
I started off in a 1 bedroom house 10 years ago, and after stumbling went on to build a reputation as an entrepreneur. I always wanted to be a helping hand, however, If I couldn't change myself, how could I bring change to your situation?
I had to acquire the skill to build a business by building my own. Now many of my students and clients are now my close friends. One of my students said that what I share, "is like a system that helps people beat the system." 

A Person with a passion that is driven by a purpose can find paradise. The missing "P" in my proven formula is "Profit" Will you make a profit after you find paradise?
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